The DAQ for all your measurement needs

Quantum X offers different modules, meaning a wide range of measurement quantities can be acquired simultaneously and reliably with one device. Additional modules are available specifically for varied measurement quantities.


QuantumX provides several advantages:

  • It is universal: it can acquire signals from virtually any analog sensor.
  • It provides advanced technical features with high data quality.
  • It is accompanied by easy-to-use software for any application.
  • Uses TEDS technology which enables Advanced Plug and Measure.
  • No complex parameterization and configuration is required in advance.
  • It enables you to immediately start measuring and reduces setup time.

DAQ's for different uses

QuantumX MX840B

The 8-channel universal amplifier of HBM’s QuantumX data acquisition system.

QuantumX MX1615B

MX1615B and MX1616B are very compact and is equipped with 16 sensor inputs

QuantumX MX410B

The QuantumX MX410B universal 4-channel data acquisition module allows

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