A Scalable and Integrated Solution

The portfolio provides end-to-end visibility into production allowing decision makers to readily identify areas to be improved within both the product design and associated manufacturing processes and make the necessary operational adjustments for smoother and more efficient production. 

The technologies and architecture of our portfolio adapt to the specific requirements of different industrial processes. It provides comprehensive MOM applications with a rich ecosystem of industry-specific functionalities developed from deep expertise in manufacturing. The highly scalable platform delivers multiple capabilities and enables customers to combine production efficiency with quality and visibility to reduce time to production. 


Manufacturing performance

Global Visibility

Gain visibility into every machine, line, and plant...

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing

Execute manufacturing for complex assembly and job-shop environments.

Combined with your...

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Process Industries

Siemens’ Manufacturing Execution System for consumer-packaged goods, Food & Beverage and...

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