The name TANDM is an acronym for Test AND Measurement. The pronunciation like “tandem” reminds you initially of a tandem bicycle, on which two people pedal together. Another meaning for the word tandem is “in association or partnership”. 


TANDM’s journey started as a part of the ESTEQ Group of companies in 2004 when a few test solutions were introduced into a business focusing on engineering simulation software.  

In 2011 ESTEQ Test & Measurement was registered as a company and continued to expand the test, measurement and automation solutions portfolio and through the years, brought a team of experts on board. In 2019, ESTEQ Test & Measurement was acquired through a management buyout from ESTEQ Group and the name change of the company to TANDM Technologies was officially registered in July 2019. 

We are a dynamic, fun, and innovative team. We always work in TANDM to solve any problem, no matter how big or small. 

We as TANDM would like to partner with you to help you succeed, by supplying you with the best test & measurement technologies and by sharing our skills and knowledge with you.  

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